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UK Government Uses TikTok Influencers to Deter Migrants

UK Government Uses TikTok Influencers to Deter Migrants

The UK government has hired TikTok influencers to proliferate anti-immigration messages in recent endeavors to discourage migrants. This measure has been condemned for being unethical and unproductive.


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Defending its decision, the government explains that by leveraging the power of social media, they tried to reach young people who were considering migrating to the UK. However, critics have mentioned that the success of such campaigns is not evident in deterring migrants altogether.

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Some experts also claim that such campaigns may negatively affect migration by making it seem more attractive. The point is that numerous migrants are fascinated by the UK’s image of a flourishing and welcoming country, as shown on social media.

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The government also faces criticism for their decision to target specific ethnic groups, including Egyptians, Vietnamese, Iraqis, and Albanians. Critics highlight that this discrimination may lead to enhanced hostility towards these communities.

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Using TikTok influencers to demoralize migrants is a controversial and worthless strategy. Despite this, the government should focus on initiating safe and legal migration routes and tackling the root causes of migration, like conflict and poverty.

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