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UK Declares A Migration Emergency

UK Declares A Migration Emergency

This blog delves into the reasons why the UK government has declared a migration emergency, the government’s strategies to deal with these issues, the ground reality behind the scenes, and suggestions to encounter the situation.

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The Crisis of English Channel Migrations Remains Unresolved

Compared to last year, this year witnessed a 10% hike in migrant crossings, negating the perception that the decrease in the previous year was attributed to government efforts. However, the actual barrier was adverse weather conditions. Do you know that the English Channel is seeing a considerable number of crossings? A record number of 514 people crossed the borders within a day. The reality depicts that the UK Prime Minister has failed in his assurances to lower the illegal migrations.

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Tackling The Issue With Legislative Efforts

To tackle the issue, the UK government launched the Rwanda Bill, which has ignited significant debate. The critics are saying that judicial dependence on the European Convention on Human Rights will terminate any prospective impact of the bill. However, the bill awaits to be passed through the House of Commons with its dubious efficacy. Furthermore, the government’s delayed response to such a prolonged issue resulted in the recently declared migrant emergency in the English Channel.

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Reality Behind The Firm Deterrence Approaches

The government threatens the crossing facilitators with life imprisonment as a deterrent, which includes the Nationality and Borders Bill. However, the starkly different reality shows only 150 people were prosecuted out of 2,750 boats crossing the Channel. Moreover, this incompetency extends to the Rwanda plan, which would deter migrations only if Rwanda accepted thousands of migrants.

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Need For A Comprehensive Immigration And Border Control Reform

The English Channel’s condition requires a robust and comprehensive immigration and border control strategy. The current policies fail to solve the fundamental problems causing the migrant crisis.

Additionally, the factors contributing to these continued challenges include outdated international agreements and a lack of judicial reforms. Frankly speaking, the government’s strategy is only worsening the problem by overcrowding the British prisons. Their firm strategies are not reflected in their actions to restrict crossings.

Finally, this requires the government to re-evaluate its approach and execute genuine reforms to confront the complications of migration and border control.

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