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Australia’s Tough visa rules to ban entire countries

Tourists From 5 Countries Could Be Banned From Visiting Australia

The High Court ruling released 140 asylum seekers, so as a response, the Albanese government is pushing new legislation through Parliament this week.


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These laws, if passed, will authorize the government to single out the countries that don’t cooperate with Australia to deport people back to their home country. It includes visitors from these five countries getting banned from visiting Australia even for a holiday:

  1. Iran
  2. Iraq
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Russia
  5. South Sudan

Additionally, the laws can imprison asylum seekers for five years who don’t comply with deportation.

Labor went through the government’s legislation draft recently when an Iranian detainee claimed they couldn’t go back to their country due to their bisexuality.

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Draft legislation for the bill seeks: “Labeling a country as a removal concern country and levying a restriction on new visa applications from non-citizens outside Australia who are citizens of a nation that does not acknowledge removals reveals the government’s belief that a foreign country will liaise with Australia to expedite the legal removal of a non-citizen who is a national of that country.

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“… The designation would also confirm the removal concern country is mindful of Australia’s apprehensions concerning the removal of the country’s nationals from Australia where they have no valid reason to remain, and Australia’s hopes of assistance by that country regarding the rapid and legal removal of its nationals.”


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