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The Uncertain Path to Permanent Residency for International Students in Canada

There has been a surge of international students in Canada on the path leading to permanent residency. However, it remains a complicated process. However, it remains a complicated process.

A chance of shifting from being a student to a permanent resident in Canada is attractive. Many institutes in Canada offer various courses, which is quite a common aspiration for those who dream of studying in Canada and getting settled there, too. However, the road to getting a permanent residency or citizenship is filled with hurdles.


Misleading Assurances

Being misled by the information propagated by education and immigration consultants is a major concern. They falsely assure that studying at a post-secondary institution in the country can directly get you a Work Permit in Canada and, later on, citizenship too.

However, this idea has been disapproved by the Senators and immigration experts, and they have warned about the real problems involved in the process.

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Insufficient Permanent Residency (PR) Spots

The inrush of international students has created a competitive environment, especially when we talk about getting a Permanent Residency after graduation. According to a report, the number of PR spots is not rising compared to the increase in international students wishing to settle down in Canada post-study, creating high competition in the PR process.

Work Permit Woes in Canada

Getting a Canada Work Visa or a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada is a big step for international students trying for permanent residency.

However, the type of institute and programme you choose determines your eligibility for a PGWP. Some students get enrolled in ineligible programmes or non-designated learning institutions because of misinformation and face the circumstances later.

The Role of the Federal Government

To stop misinformation and promote clear communication when it comes to the process of getting a Work Permit and citizenship in Canada, the Federal government is taking the necessary steps.

Ensuring that students get the right information and are well-prepared for the future can be done by the government offering clear guidelines and information.

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