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The UK will Pay Rwanda £171,000 For Every Deported Migrant

The UK will Pay Rwanda £171,000 For Every Deported Migrant

Outcry Over The ‘Staggering’ Cost of Relocating Asylum Seekers To The African Nation

The Government’s spending watchdog has reported that for each asylum seeker moved under the partnership scheme, Rwanda will receive £171,000 from the UK government.

For each illegal migrant’s relocation, the Government will give £20,000 to Rwanda, plus an additional £151,000 over five years to finance essential items like food and medical services.

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Once the first 300 deportations are carried out to the country, the Home Office has stated to pay Rwanda £120 million, exclusive of the £370 million already agreed upon as part of the deal.

According to a report published by the National Audit Office (NAO), the costs incurred to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda are more excessive than previously thought.

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Labour has described these discoveries of the scheme as staggering, and its associated costs have been criticized as a national scandal.

The NAO investigations were prompted due to the refusal of senior Home Office civil servants to inform MPs on the Home Affairs committee last year regarding any extra payments they made since 2002.

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The Telegraph disclosed last December that Britain consented to an additional £100 million to Rwanda in April, having paid £140 million already without a single deportation.

The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, said this report unveils the national scandal the Tories were trying to conceal.

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She further added that the taxpayer would be forced to foot the bill of over half a billion pounds – equivalent to almost  £2 million per person sent – without the recovering capability to send less than 1% of UK asylum seekers to Rwanda on a few symbolic flights.

The department has consented to stop the payments in case any illegal migrant decides to leave Rwanda. However, it would pay the country £10,000 to assist a voluntary departure.

According to an estimate by the Home Office, the flight cost alone would require £11,000 per relocated asylum seeker, including the price of chartering planes and fuel.

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To support the scheme, a Home Office spokesman said that the anticipated cost of housing asylum seekers would reach £11 billion annually by 2026 unless they act. They further added that to prevent the costs associated with illegal migrations like human lives and continued human trafficking, they must sponsor solutions to break this unsustainable cycle. They share a strong relationship with Rwanda, and both countries are committed to delivering on this partnership.

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