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Best Australian Work Visa Subclass 400 ~ Australia Work Visa 2024

Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa

In today’s blog update, we will talk about Subclass 400 Visa which is a temporary visa allowing skilled people to enter Australia for short-term, highly specialized work. Short-term generally means less than 3 months, however, visas can be granted for up to six months in special circumstances.

Please keep in mind that Subclass 400 is the only one that requires a smaller number of specifications before application than the others.

In order to apply for the temporary work visa – short stay specialist, there are:

– No English Requirements


– No Skill Assessment

– No Employer Nomination Required

– Occupation does not need to be in the Short-term Skilled Occupation List or Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.

It involves a single application for visas, and it is very convenient. It is unlike a standard employer-sponsored 482 visa or 407 Training Visa, which needs 3 steps. However, you can only apply for this visa in a very specific type of situation.


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What type of occupation can get this:

Such a visa is specifically designed for specialized and non-ongoing work. For instance, temporary projects like short-term project work.

A few good examples where I have seen this used:

– Chefs brought in over COVID

Individual works in specialty Art installation for unique projects.

– Surveyors for large projects

jobs n recruitment 970 × 90 px

Please note, when you are applying for this, you must explain to immigration:

– Why can they not get an Australian person?

– Terms and conditions are no less favorable to Aus employees

– No adverse consequence to Australians


Up to 6 months.

Can you apply for a 482 onshore after:

Yes, it is possible.


$405 AUD

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