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Study in Australia for Free

Study in Australia for Free

Besides being expensive, international students consider Australia a famous study destination. For international students, tuition fees and living costs are comparatively high. However, they can study for free or at a lower cost in specific ways:


1.  Scholarships

The best way to sponsor your studies in Australia is by applying for a scholarship. Numerous scholarship options are available for international students, including scholarships from the Australian government and universities.

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To Whom Are These Scholarships Granted?

Typical reasons for granting these scholarships include academic merit, English language proficiency, and other factors.

What Expenses Do The Scholarships Cover?

Several scholarships cover all the expenses for international students, while others cover only tuition fees.

How To Apply?

You can apply for a scholarship if you meet its eligibility criteria. However, it would be best if you started planning early to submit a strong application due to the competitive application process.

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2.  Part-Time work

Part-time work is another option to neutralize the cost of studying in Australia. While studying, international students can work up to 20 hours per week. It is an excellent way to earn extra money to assist with living expenses.

However, keep in mind that your priority in Australia is to study. Make sure that you don’t work so many hours that it interrupts your studies.

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3.  Other Options

Numerous other ways can cut studying costs in Australia, like residing in shared accommodation, eating self-made meals, and preventing extra expenses. Moreover, seeking scholarships and grants from your home country is another option. In short, you can study in Australia for free or at a lower cost with cautious planning and budgeting.

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Additional Tips

  • Start planning early. You will have more time to do your research and apply for grants and scholarships by planning earlier.
  • Get ready to work hard. A strong application is required to land a scholarship, as these scholarships are genuinely competitive.
  • Be realistic about your budget. Know that a student budget cannot provide for a premium lifestyle.
  • Be flexible. Try to cut unnecessary costs by working part-time or residing in shared accommodation.

Following these tips will enable you to study in Australia for free or at a lower cost.

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