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Student Visas Processed by Canada in Q4 of 2023 Dropped by 42%

Student Visas Processed by Canada in Q4 of 2023 Dropped by 42%

In Q4 2023, the approved Indian student visas for Canada dropped to 42% due to the diplomatic uncertainty prevailing last year. After the expulsion of 41 Canadian diplomats from India, the actual impact of the processing delays warned by the IRCC is now clear.


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Key Facts:

  • The number of Indian students granted study permits decreased from 42,000 in October 2022 to 13,000 in December 2023.
  • Experts are anticipating academic start dates to be at risk due to prolonged processing times
  • Multiple factors aided this plunge in study permits for Indian students, including:
    • Diplomatic tensions
    • Stricter student visa rules
    • A cap of two years

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Challenges for Indian Students

  • Prolonged processing times and uncertain application results.
  • Processing delays could potentially make them miss their academic sessions.
  • Opting for a more competitive application landscape with pre-fixed quotas.

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As the Canadian government aims to stabilize growth with resource constraints, Indian students struggle to secure study permits. Furthermore, prospective applicants should plan carefully, weigh alternatives, and stay informed about the policy changes.

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