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Upcoming Changes For Australian Student Visa Big News About GTE for Australian Student Visa

Alert!!! Upcoming Changes For Australian Student Visa

There are many important changes being made by Australia regarding student visas. It is being done so international students are well-informed prior to sending in their application. In the past, students who wanted to apply to Australian universities had to submit a 300-word statement that explained their intention to move to the country. However, this has changed.

Change From Genuine Temporary Entrant to Genuine Student Test

This statement proved that the applicant falls into the criteria of a “genuine temporary entrant.”. However, recently many reports have suggested that there has been a shift from the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement to a Genuine Student Test.


This change has been implemented by the higher education sector. Now no student is panelized after the revelation of their intention for migration to Australia in the visa application.

Take Every Step Wisely & Carefully

These changes have brought better results yet it is necessary that students take every step carefully. The brief 300-word statement plays a great role in showcasing genuine reasons to study in Australia.

When a visa is rejected, there is often a quite general reason behind it. One of the most common reasons for rejection is when applicants show little financial incentive to return to their home country.


Even with these changes, experts advise you to take necessary caution in revealing plans for staying in the country for the completion of your degree.

Take Advice From The Experts

Navigating the complexities of visa applications can be daunting so we suggest that you seek help from reputed immigration experts to assist with your immigration process.


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