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The Public Charge by Biden and its Impact

The Public Charge by Biden and its Impact

The Biden administration includes another attraction to draw in all migrants to the United States by disregarding public charge laws to bring down the obstacles in the immigration system and remove additional hurdles in the application process.

By law, a noncitizen with the potential to become dependent on the government for subsistence can be refused admission to the US. The Trump administration reasonably attempted to include the complete suite of housing, healthcare, and social service benefits in the public charge calculation. That effort was halted when a US district judge ruled that it surpassed executive authority and breached the Administrative Procedure Act.

Noticing an opening, the Biden administration refused to appeal the lower court decision and chose to arrange the broadest possible access to taxpayer-funded benefits instead.

Even before Joe Biden stepped into the White House, two-thirds of the United States’ immigrant-headed households depended on at least one type of public welfare. Keen to further bring down barriers and remove additional burdens, USCIS’s Jaddou desires to expand on that.

The executive director and general counsel at FAIR’s legal arm, Dale Wilcox, stated that at a time of record shortages and skyrocketing inflation, the last thing their country requires is to effectively deliver free healthcare and welfare to all who come to the country. Wilcox added that this does not benefit American citizens or the country.

The Trump administration regulations created to implement and revamp the longstanding public charge law were aborted mainly on procedural grounds and, because of Biden’s lawyers, never completely tested in the courts.

As stated by FAIR President Dan Stein, the proposals would have rectified expensive and politically driven alternatives and supported the clearly defined intent of Congress that US immigrants must be self-reliant.

However, for Biden and the team, it’s business as usual – open borders and wallets to all entrants while the Americans continue to pay.

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