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September 4, 2022

Canada Working On A New Pr Pathway For International Students

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser is working on a new temporary-to-permanent resident (TR-to-PR) pathway likely aimed at international students. The program is expected to be announced within a few months.

The Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser stated in June that they are looking at the best path forward to create a permanent pathway for temporary residents.

In the past year, Canada announced it would accept 90,000 applications from temporary residents under a one-time TR-to-PR program which accepted applications until November.

That pathway focused on healthcare and other workers in Canada and fresh international graduates from Canadian colleges and universities. It was implemented across the country except the francophone province of Quebec which has its own immigration system.

The pathway had approved 84,177 applications and per the IRCC data, Canada had welcomed 23,885 new permanent residents under this TR-to-PR pathway by last year’s end.

With the prospective new pathway for temporary residents to get their permanent residency within 120 days following a proposition in the House of Commons in May. That means this pathway’s announcement is coming soon and will most likely be unveiled before the end of September.

He also stated that he is on a tight schedule to come up with a framework to establish this new permanent residency pathway, not just for international students, but also for temporary foreign workers. He continued that the IRCC is in the depths of planning the policy so they can have a pressured by a need to respond urgently in the face of an emergency, but actually to have a permanent pathway that offers a clear path for those seeking permanent residency who can enter Canada.

IRCC spokesperson has disclosed that the future policy or program decisions cannot be speculated. Details of any new initiative would be announced in the future.

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