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BIG QUESTION on New PGWP Extension 2024 for International Students CIC News

Possible PGWP Extension in 2024

Canadian international students look forward to an extension of the PGWP program up to 2024. The extension serves a lot of people by giving them the opportunity to continue working while looking for permanent residency.

The Current PGWP Landscape

The PGWP 2023 policy currently allows international students who will expire their status before December 2023 to stay and work for another 18 months. It is a necessity since PGWPs are usually issued one time and are not extendable.

Challenges and Inequities

Disparities among students are a result of differing expiration dates for permits within the same program and intake. PGWP holders whose permits lapse at the end of January 2024 and beyond have especially felt unfairly treated since due process was not observed in this case.

Shifting Immigration Dynamics

The Canadian Experience Class in the Express Entry program is popular among international students seeking PR. However, IRCC does not conduct CEC-specific rounds of invitations anymore, opting for general category-based draws which makes things more complex for those aiming to become permanent residents through this pathway.


Government’s Stance

The Canadian government, through the minister responsible for immigration, Marc Miller, recognized the need to review the PGWP program so that it would align with regional as well as Franco-immigration goals and the demands of the Canadian labor market.

Uncertainty and Hope

While there is so much optimism in the students regarding this, there exists no official statement confirming a 2024 PGWP extension. This uncertainty is compounded by IRCC’s history of last-minute announcements. However, the 2023 policy, which was announced three months after the expiry of the previous contract, offered a ray of light for further renewals.

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Finally, the international students in Canada are in suspense about a possible extension of the PGWP in 2024. The extension is essential for those wishing to carry on working in Canada where immigration policies are changing and there are few PR options. The fact that the Canadian government has recognized this problem is actually positive, although the lack of an official confirmation makes one uncertain about the future.

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