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4 Big Immigration Reforms in Australia

Plans To Make Australian Immigration System More Accessible For Migrant Workers

A recent proposal by the federal Labor government suggested amending the Australian immigration system to make it more attractive for skilled workers and improve the permanent residency pathway. As a result, the current points system will be altered to figure out the skillsets required to keep the Australian economy functioning at its best. Moreover, the government aims to speed up visa processing for highly skilled international workers while letting temporary workers go for permanent residency.



Australia has recently proposed overhauling the Australian immigration system to speed up the recruitment of highly skilled workers and ease the permanent residency pathway.



According to the federal Labor government, modifications will be made to the currently used points system for selecting skilled migrants. Consequently, the newly developed system will identify individuals possessing the right skills required to grow the Australian economy.

During a speech at the National Press Club, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil shed light on Australia’s broken migration system and how it is failing local businesses. Plus, she stated that the existing migration system isn’t doing much for migrants as well as Australians.

Furthermore, Australia continues to compete with various nations, including Germany and Canada, to attract more skilled migrants, especially since the demand for them has skyrocketed because of an ageing population.

Moreover, the government confirmed that efficiency will be added to the visa process for highly skilled workers, and new measures will be implemented to retain international students.

Home Affairs Minister also said that temporary skilled visa holders would be able to go for permanent residency by the end of 2023. However, they won’t be counted in Australia’s annual intake of permanent migrants.

A landmark review indicated that Australia’s migration system marks nearly 1.8 million international workers as ‘permanently temporary’ to steer clear of strict caps on permanent migration.

The government is looking to eliminate skills lists, grant entry to more care workers, and reduce wait times for family visa applications.

A section of the review called the government’s skilled occupation lists for employer sponsorship outdated and how these lists barely show the existing or predicted skilled labour needs, including the building of critical and sovereign capabilities and transition to a net-zero economy.

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