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October 2, 2022

NVC Releases Green Card Backlog Report for September

Monthly report from The National Visa Centre has been released about the overall backlog of current immigrant visas which was reduced by approximately 4,000 cases resulting in a 1% drop overall.

About 32,000 interviews were conducted in September, which is less than the number of interviews conducted in the month of August; which was 32,888 in comparison with September’s 32,175 interviews. Although it’s not more than August, it’s still more than the median number of interviews scheduled during the past 12 months, which was 28,447.

It is further reported by NVC that one or two applicant’s cases were considered to be “documentarily completed” this September which means that all the forms and documents submitted to NVC were accepted and were also prepared for the interview to be conducted.


The number of documentarily cases completed dropped down from 421,668 to 416,856 this month in September; making it the fourth running month where the number of cases prepared to be scheduled for an interview got reduced.

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