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Australia Cancels Agriculture Work Visa

In this blog, we are going to talk about the recent developments concerning Australia’s agriculture work visa.

The quick takeaway is that the Australian Agriculture Visa is not available anymore.

In order to build a stronger Pacific family, the government of Australia has decided to bring in additional workers via the Pacific Australia Labor Mobility (PALM) scheme.

PALM is now the primary program for fulfilling the workforce requirements of the agriculture sector. The Australian government hopes to keep supporting the growth of the country’s agriculture industry by adding more resources to the Budget of 2022–2023. This is going to allow up to 35,000 workers to come to Australia under the PALM scheme by June 2023.

Furthermore, the government is keen on honoring the Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam, which is going to allow at least 1,000 workers to travel to Australia and work in its agriculture industry. Australia and Vietnam are in discussions to finalize the implementation of this arrangement. Once the discussions are over, more information regarding this will become clear.

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