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New UK Legislation To Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

New UK Legislation To Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

In response to the UK Supreme Court’s concerns regarding the legitimacy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda, the government of the UK has released new legislation. A new treaty with the East African country was also signed by Home Secretary James Cleverly in order to strengthen the asylum process.

The Rwanda scheme was declared unlawful by the Court in November, as asylum seekers could face the risk of landing in countries that could cause them harm.

The New UK Bill on Rwanda’s Safety

According to the government, the bill clarifies in UK law that Rwanda would be a safe country for asylum seekers. However, the bill must be approved by Parliament.

A point to be noted is that the new legislation would order certain provisions of the Human Rights Act to be disregarded by British judges and courts.

On the brighter side, depending on their personal circumstances, asylum seekers would be able to challenge the decision of removal to Rwanda.

In a turn of events, former Supreme Court Judge Lord Jonathan Sumption recently stated that the government’s attempt to circumvent the Supreme Court’s ruling on the legislation was “profoundly discreditable.”


He further added that international law obligations of the government would still be breached by this policy.

Furthermore, Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary, has also declared that PM Rishi Sunak would lose the upcoming general election, and likewise, the bill would not be able to stop migration.

Brief Look at The Rwanda Asylum Plan

Some asylum seekers who arrive in the UK will be sent to Rwanda for further processing. This five-year trial was announced in April 2022.

These asylum seekers would be granted refugee status on arrival and permitted to stay. They could also apply for settlement on other grounds or even opt to seek asylum in another third-country considered safe.

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The UK government stated that any individual who enters the UK illegally after January 1, 2022, could be sent to Rwanda without any limitations on the numbers. Although the Rwandan government was paid a massive £140 million by the UK, no asylum seeker has yet been sent there.

In June 2022, the first flight was scheduled; however, due to legal challenges, it was cancelled.

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