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New Laws For Foreign Health And Care Workers Come Into Force On March 11

New Laws For Foreign Health And Care Workers Come Into Force On March 11

According to a recent statement made by Downing Street, a crackdown on foreign worker visas is under review. Anxiety follows this statement that the Home Office has authorized hundreds of new care providers to sponsor foreign workers.

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The new laws, effective March 11, will require health workers to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) if they are sponsoring migrants while limiting health workers from bringing family to the UK. Moreover, the government has imposed these laws to drop the record levels of immigration to Britain.

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However, granting licenses to hundreds of fake companies has raised eyebrows. These fake companies are new firms that are a few months old without any history of providing care services, now reportedly sponsoring visas. Moreover, it includes at least 268 companies that have never been inspected by the CQC.

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In this regard, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said that further visa crackdowns are being reviewed. He added that they are enforcing robust changes to curb abuse of the migration system. These moves would limit the care workers’ ability to bring in dependents and require care providers to register with the CQC if they’re sponsoring migrants.

He further said that to crack down on the misuse of the visa immigration system, they have taken tough steps and will keep further initiatives under close review.

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Recently released figures reveal that a record number of foreign health and care workers were granted UK visas last year. While 146,477 application permissions were granted for health visas in 2023, the number rose to 349,929 when dependents were also considered. However, if we sneak a peek into past years, this is an increase from 157,636 in 2022 and 63,291 in 2021.

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Additionally, charities warned that the government is reluctant to address low pay in the health sector, leaving migrants open to exploitation.

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