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Understanding The Latest Australian Immigration News & Updates ~ Australia Migration News Nov 2023

Latest News and Update on Australian Immigration

For this week’s Australian immigration news blog update, we will share some useful tips on today’s blog. The attention has been directed at the newest happenings in Australian migration, most especially, the publication of sponsorship regulations for 491 visas by the NSW government.


Key Highlights from the Update:

NSW 491 Visa Nomination Criteria:

Finally, NSW has declared its sponsorship requirements for the 491 visa.

There are two pathways for application: applying directly to the NSW government and lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Pathway one requires the applicants to live and work in a declared part of NSW for twelve months earning a minimum weekly salary of $70k.

Pathway two allows both on-shore and off-shore applicants to apply, though they should meet certain residence requirements.

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Government’s Focus on Immigration Reform:

The Albanese government is ensuring that the immigration department is well run in the country for the reduction of abuses and streamlining processes.

To support the visa system, there have been more than 680 additional staff since May 2022.

Even though the backlog of temporary visa applications is reduced, challenges with provisional permanent residency applications have become a big issue.

Construction Workers in High Demand:

The Australian government wants to address the problem of insufficient homes in Australia.

Construction workers are expected to be among the most required occupations in the country not long from now.

Top Vocational Courses for Job Outcomes:

The best 20 vocational courses that lead to immediate employment were reported.

International students often prefer courses such as the Diploma of Nursing and Certificate 3 in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

New South Wales State Sponsorship Requirements:

A new requirement for the 23-24 financial year: NSW does not allow applicants to change their EOI once they have received an invite.

The last amendment made by the NSW authority will be checked with respect to the current version of the EOI to ensure that its contents are correct and consistent.

Advice for Applicants:

Make sure your EOI is complete, correct, and updated.

NSW’s selection procedure is subject, and therefore EOIs are expected to be as close to the actual circumstances of an applicant.

It is crucial that information be kept up to date as this includes small changes like a change of address or postcode. These minor updates should not affect the application negatively.


Australian immigration is a dynamic field and an informed application is crucial for success in this world. Visa applicants who are having trouble or those who are navigating the system may find professional guidance to be very helpful. It is imperative to ensure that they keep up with the recent amendments and necessities in Australian immigration law just as usual.

Our blog ends here. Thanks for reading today’s update.

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