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Key Changes in Australian Immigration Policies and Visa Processing

Key Changes in Australian Immigration Policies and Visa Processing

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Concerns Raised Over Department of Home Affairs’ Record Accuracy

A recent incident highlights concerns about the accuracy of the Department of Home Affairs’ records. An individual’s mother-in-law was wrongfully denied a tourist visa extension due to incorrect data stating she overstayed, despite her leaving and re-entering Australia within the visa’s validity. This raises questions about the reliability of data used for significant policy decisions.

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Petition for 485 Visa Transition Period

There has been a tremendous response to the petition for establishing a transition period for 485 visa holders over 35 years of age. With over 8,000 signatures, the campaign is gaining momentum. Despite technical issues with the government’s e-petition server, support continues to grow. If you haven’t signed yet, please do so to support the cause.

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Home Affairs Minister’s Stance on Age Limitation

Unfortunately, the Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neal, remains firm on implementing the age limitation without transitional arrangements. This decision has been criticized for its lack of compassion and understanding of international students’ realities. The minister’s response highlights a disconnect between policy and the real-world impact on students who have invested significantly in their education and future in Australia.

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Visa Processing Times and Future Invitations

Current visa processing times have seen slight increases. For instance, the 189 visa processing time is up to 69 days, and the 190 visa processing has increased to 12 months. These processing times may continue to rise due to limited visa grants in the coming months.

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State-Sponsored Visas and New Immigration Policies

We are also anticipating new quotas for state-sponsored visas (subclasses 190 and 491) and how they will impact the backlog of applications. The government’s focus is on introducing new skilled independent visa categories and a revised points test. These changes aim to improve the skilled migration program and are expected to be a key factor in the upcoming election.

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