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Australia To Offer 160,000 Visas Under New Migration Program

In an effort to increase economic recovery and boost social cohesion in the post-pandemic era, the Australian government has created a specific Migration Program for 2022-23. Under the program, the government intends to offer 160,000 allocations for visas.

Skilled Visa – 109,900 allocations

This is specially designed to tackle the labour market skill shortage.

Family Visa – 50,000 allocations

This has been specially created to initiate partner visas, allowing Australians to reunite with family members from abroad and provide them with pathways to citizenship.

From 2022-23, partner visas will be issued on a demand-driven basis to assist in family reunification. This will help to lower the partner visa processing times for many candidates.

The government is evaluating around 40,500 partner visas for 2022-23 for planning purposes by the government, noting this approximation is not subject to limitation. In the meantime, 3,000 child visas are estimated for 2022-23 for the purpose of planning, with this category also being demand-driven and not subject to limitation.

Special Eligibility – 100 allocations

This stream includes visas for those in extraordinary circumstances, including permanent residents returning to Australia after spending time abroad.

But, the government can also redistribute allocations between Skill stream visa categories based on the changing economic conditions.

Earlier, Australia’s states and territories had made an announcement to ease specific terms for visa applications in an effort to deal with issues related to the shortage of skilled labour and migrants. Usually, migrants are sponsored by employers for a visa to remain in the country, but in specific situations, state and territory authorities can also nominate skilled workers for visas. Recently, they have been loosening some terms and conditions that are needed to acquire state-sponsored visas.

What Are State-Nominated Visas?

Under the State Nominated Migration Program, state and territory authorities can nominate skilled persons for visas.

Candidates bearing state-sponsored visas don’t have to be bound to a particular employer, but there is an age criterion. The person has to be under the age of 45.

Also, there is no job guarantee, so they must find their own position.

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