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Immigration Health Surcharge is scheduled to increase by 66% on 6 February 2024

Immigration Health Surcharge is scheduled to increase by 66% on 6 February 2024

The Home Office has provided additional guidance on the modifications to business immigration in the UK.

As per the UK Government’s policy to limit net migration, IHS, occupation-based minimum wages and general salary thresholds are poised to go up.



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Another change that visa applicants will be witnessing is the increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) effective from 6 February 2024. The charge is to increase by 66%, which means from £ 624 a year to £1,035 a year, for all categories of entry clearance or leave to remain applications in relation of persons over the age of eighteen. The increase for children under 18 years will be from £470 to £776 per year.

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Other business migration changes will become effective in April 2024 when the general salary threshold is planned to rise from £26,200 for all jobs on level 3 or above RQF. After this transition, it is likely that employers will only be willing to sponsor higher positions to avoid paying above the market rate for junior roles. However, this growth will not affect Health and Care visa holders and national pay scale education workers.


The other shift is that dependants of people on Health and Care visas will no longer be allowed to come to the UK. Those who already have this visa will be permitted to stay with their dependants when extending, changing jobs and applying for permanent residency.

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