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Quebec Grants Fee Exemptions For International Students

In today’s blog, we will take a look at the new exclusive and amazing opportunity for international students.

In an effort to attract international students towards pursuing postsecondary education in the province, Quebec offers exclusive international tuition exemptions for students coming from abroad.

Generally, International students who come to Quebec on a study permit to enroll in a public college and get a degree must pay tuition fees.

The costs vary depending on the program, but on average, an overseas student should expect to pay around $17,000 in college tuition and around $24,000 in undergraduate tuition per year. Mostly, these expenses do not include enrollment and admission fees, health insurance, or textbooks. For this reason, the cost of education in Quebec may rise to an unaffordable level.

It is a form of study fee outside Quebec, which provides outstanding advantages to foreign students who want to study there. Some benefits have been present for a long time, while others are recent.

Outside of Montreal Study Fee Waivers:

The most recent effort, which aims to encourage the long-term settling of international students in the regions of Quebec, was announced in May 2022.

The Quebec government has allocated $80 million over four years to encourage overseas students to pursue postsecondary French studies in the regions.

International students who fulfill the qualifying requirements might not be required to pay the additional tuition fees that would usually be charged to them. For the length of their studies, eligible overseas students will only be required to pay the base tuition rate, which is approximately $3,000 for a full-time undergraduate student in Quebec. To meet the demands of labor in the area, students will also be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while they are registered in classes.

Students need to attend a regional institution of higher education outside the Montreal Metropolitan Area and undertake a full-time French-language program of study in any one of the priority industries, specifically information technology, engineering, health and social services, education, and early childhood education.

This regulation is expected to go into effect in the fall of 2023.

Free Tuition For French and Belgian Students:

Besides this program, Quebec has made agreements with France and Belgium regarding the cost of tuition for francophone students from these countries.

Undergraduate French and Francophone Belgian students pay the same basic tuition as Canadian students. Students from France and Belgium who are registered in a master’s or doctoral program, in addition to a technical college or program for vocational training, pay tuition to Quebec.

Students must have a valid passport from France or Belgium as well as a study permit that is in accordance with the Canadian immigration laws in order to be eligible. Quebec’s acceptance certificate is also obligatory.

Waivers From Tuition For International Students:

Lastly, if the international student’s nation or the international organization is a part of the student mobility agreement, then many international students are also eligible for a waiver from paying additional tuition fees. It is best to first confirm with the government institutes that oversee these exemptions as the criteria for selection differ by nation and agreement.

The majority of the people in Quebec speak French. International students will have a rare opportunity to experience their rich culture, have access to a globally recognized education, and The province’s extraordinary tuition waivers allow students to interact with some of the most gifted instructors and intellectuals in the world.

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