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Everything you need to know about the upcoming immigration changes in April 2024

Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Immigration Changes In April 2024

Numerous changes have taken place in UK immigration law over the past few months. In our earlier blog, we have already discussed the New Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules. Today, we will be focusing on the changes anticipated in April 2024.

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Changes Expected On April 4, 2024

For sponsored worker visas, the minimum salary will be raised to £38,700, a nearly 50% hike from £26,200. However, this new minimum threshold does not apply to existing sponsored worker visa holders, even if they switch employers, apply to extend their permission, or apply for settlement under this route.

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Additionally, the current Shortage Occupation List’s 20% discount applicable to the minimum salaried individuals will be discarded. A new Immigration Salary List will take its place with a lower number of eligible roles. Moreover, these eligible roles are expected to be further brought down once the Migration Advisory Committee completes reviewing the SOL in due course.

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We recommend employers who provide sponsorship for roles below the £38,700 threshold speed up their recruitment process. This suggestion reflects the idea of benefiting from the current period before the threshold increases. Furthermore, employers should review the status of their current employees especially if they hold temporary leave such as:

  • Student
  • Graduate
  • Youth Mobility
  • High Potential Individual
  • Global Business Mobility visas

Employers also should consider if the salaries would be the same under the new threshold or if they intend to continue employment long-term.

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Changes Expected On April 11, 2024

For family visas, the financial threshold is expected to jump from £18,600 to £29,000. This hike will inspire settled persons and British citizens to bring dependents conditionally to the UK. The condition requires meeting the financial capability to support the family without depending on public funds. However, this threshold is raised to £34,500, which will be increased to £38,700 incrementally by early 2025.

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