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Discussing H-1B Visa Stamping & More

Are you interested in learning about the H-1B visa stamping and the registration process for the fiscal year 2024? This blog is for you.



The stamping time is nearing for applicants who were selected in the H-1B lottery for the fiscal year 2024. For those who don’t know, the registration process for the H-1B visa for the fiscal year 2024 began in January. However, a series of processes will start in October 2023 before candidates are eligible to live and seek employment in the US.



Regardless, the time for all H-1B applicants in countries outside the United States to go for H-1B visa stamping at nearby US embassies or consulates is nearing.

You must be fully aware of the timeline of events and procedures if you are waiting to get your visa stamped or interested in learning about the method to obtain an H-1B visa.

Growing Demand For H-1B Visa

Different studies and surveys indicate people are looking for alternate options to the US to seek employment abroad. But the numbers suggest that the demand for H-1B visas continues to grow every year.

For instance, USCIS received up to 484,000 registrations for the fiscal year 2023. Similarly, the department recorded submissions of 780,884 registrations for the fiscal year 2024.

It clearly indicates the exponential growth in the demand for an H-1B visa. These registrations were submitted against the available quote of only 85,000 visas.

As you can see, the demand has exceeded the quota significantly. The majority of applicants submit their H-1B registration hoping to get it approved. But the good news is you can always try again next year if you didn’t get it the first time.

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What Is The Fiscal Year?

The USCIS grants H-1B visas by following the timeline of the ongoing fiscal year instead of the calendar year. Therefore, keep this timeline in your mind at all times. In case you are wondering, the USCIS fiscal year 2024 begins on 1 October 2023 and ends on 30 September 2024.

Furthermore, USCIS starts accepting H-1B petitions for the upcoming fiscal year six months prior to the start of the year. For example, the process for this year began on 1 April 2023.

The H-1B Visa Stamping

H-1B applicants living outside the US are supposed to have their H-1B visas stamped by the USCIS once their H-1B petition is processed. It should be noted that this process can take a few weeks or even months.

Afterward, you have to book an appointment at the nearest embassy or consulate to have your H-1B visa stamped.

An individual whose petition was approved and visa stamped can travel to the US to start their job from 1 October 2023 since that’s when the USCIS fiscal year 2024 begins.

As far as people who are already living in the US are concerned, their status will be updated to H-1B when the fiscal year starts. An employer who files a petition on behalf of a candidate is probably looking to recruit them for work in the US starting from 1 October.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on US immigration.



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