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H 1B Cap FY 2024 Everything You Need to Know About Registration

When Will Registrations For The H1B Cap FY 2024 Begin?

The H1B cap season for the fiscal year 2024 has begun. According to the announcement by USCIS, the initial registration period for the H1B cap FY 2024 opened at noon ET on 1 March 2023 and will close at noon ET on 17 March 2023.

Interested applicants and their authorized representatives who wish to hire H1B workers are instructed to go through an electronic registration process via their myUSCIS online account for selection per the cap. It is safe to say that the registration process is simple since you only need to provide basic information about the prospective registrant and their authorized employer.

What’s important to note here is that the selection process for the H1B cap FY 2024 will consider accurate electronic registrations. Only applicants whose registrations are selected will be eligible to file H1B applications according to the cap.

All prospective applicants, authorized representatives, and beneficiaries eligible for the advanced degree exemption are advised to register before the registration period ends. Plus, the registration fee of $10 is mandatory for every beneficiary.

In addition to this, from noon ET on 21 February 2023 registrants were able to make new accounts.

While representatives can add clients to their accounts whenever needed, they had to wait until 1 March 2023 to include beneficiary information and file the registration by paying the fee.

Consequently, applicants whose registrations are selected can participate in the H1B filing process.

USCIS will randomly choose eligible registrations and notify selected applicants through their myUSCIS online accounts if the department receives sufficient electronic registrations by 17 March 2023.

Timeline For H1B FY 2024 Registration Process

  • March 1: H1B registration period started at noon ET.
  • March 17: H1B registration period ends at noon ET.
  • March 31: Date that USCIS intends to follow for notifying selected registrants.
  • April 1: The earliest date that H1B cap FY 2024 petitions could be submitted.

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