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What Are Removal or Deportation Proceedings

What Are Removal or Deportation Proceedings?

Removal proceedings are also known as deportation proceedings. Deportation is a highly serious matter. The U.S. government is initiating a legal process that could result in the individual getting deported from the United States. As a matter of fact, the U.S. government can possibly put a non-citizen into deportation proceedings.

Usually, emigrants who have naturalized successfully as U.S. citizens are safe from getting removed. But, the U.S. government can revoke citizenship and deport certain citizens who acquired their green card or citizenship through fraud or misrepresentation.

Removal proceedings can be initiated in a few different ways. Looking from afar, it may seem like the government might deport any non-citizen, but the reasons vary. Some examples for deportation are as follows:

  • An immigrant living in the U.S. unlawfully is arrested by immigration enforcement
  • An applicant for asylum is directed to an immigration judge due to denial
  • A green card bearer is sentenced to jail for a serious crime
  • An F-1 student visa bearer stops going to school but does not depart the United States
  • A conditional green card bearer is denied the conditional status by USCIS due to committing marriage fraud

What Can You Expect At Removal Proceedings?

  • Expedited Removal
  • Master Calendar Hearing
  • Notice to Appear
  • Appeals
  • Individual Hearing

How Can You Defend Against Removal Proceedings?

Being put into deportation proceedings can result in severe consequences and become a hurdle in your ability to stay in or ultimately return to the United States. An attorney might be able to help you evade deportation and/or assist you in having a future in the United States.

There is no straightforward formula for evading the removal process. It is advised that you look for an immigration lawyer who has experience in deportation defense. That lawyer could help you and your family and create a strategy that fits your specific situation. Find an immigration expert and get guidance as soon as possible.

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