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August 7, 2022

Current Processing Delays Of UK Visas

Hello everyone, welcome back to our channel today. We will be discussing the extended processing time for UK visas.

Every UK visa application is now taking more time than usual, as the Home Office is redirecting a substantial amount of resources to processing applications submitted for the Ukraine visa schemes.

Particularly, the applications from outside of the UK are affected. Around 130,000 applications have been submitted via the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Home for Ukraine Scheme. The additional strain on the Home Office has doubled the processing times for all the other visas such as business, tourist, study and family.

Currently, work, visit and student visas submitted abroad take around 6 weeks of processing time after the candidate offers their biometric information. Family visas applied from abroad might take up to 6 months for processing.

Priority processing, which can generally be bought for an added cost to quicken the time it takes to get a decision, has also been discontinued in most locations worldwide for new long-term visa applications. In a few areas, it is available for new visitor visas. There is no particular date at which processing time will return to normal.

It means that the candidate must factor in additional time when they intend to come to the UK for work, study, to unite with the family or to attend special occasions such as weddings or music festivals.

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