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UK To Test Its Contactless Digital Border

In today’s Blog, we will be taking a look at the new plans revealed by the UK government regarding its future immigration plans.

UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has unveiled the plans to test a new, safe, contactless digital border as plans for the future of the UK Border. It’s known that the Home Office is ready to begin testing technologies that permit some passengers to enter the UK and go through automated border screening without using an eGate or speaking with a UK Border Force officer.

This ‘digital border’ will be tested as part of bigger plans to accelerate ‘legitimate’ travels to the UK. Passengers will be pre-screened and identified at UK borders through the latest technologies, safeguarding the security of UK borders and the British citizens. Per the directives of the Home Office, Pilot testing is expected to commence in 2024.

The announcement is a part of the government’s new strategy for UK Immigration and its Migration and Border Control Strategy statement, in which Priti Patel also revealed plans to pilot lengthening the minimum age of eGates from 12 to 10 years old.

Taking Back The Control

Additionally, the Home Office has publicised a wide-ranging independent review of the UK Border Force, for which Priti Patel appointed the former immigration minister for Australia, Alexander Downer, to carry out in February 2022.

Downer’s review recommended that UK Border Force requires a separate voice and identity from the Home Office, a new consulting board to take into account the demands imposed on Border Force, a single minister for Border Force, an updated learning strategy and revamped career routes and training for staff through a Border Force Academy.

Unparalleled Challenges

According to Alexander Downer, UK Border Force is facing extraordinary challenges. He stated that the Border Force is dealing with the Channel migrant crisis, the UK Immigration abuse, illegal drugs, firearms, and criminal mafias while also protecting the UK’s national security.

The former Australian Immigration minister reported that his suggestions for UK Border Force would be beneficial, making the agency more durable to deal with future obstacles while providing them with a clear direction to create the improvements they need.

The New Plan for UK Immigration Migration and Border Control Strategy highlights how the new digital border will simplify travel to the UK, enhance security and put a spotlight on Britain as a ‘leader in legal migration.

The UK’s future border will be more problematic for those who might be a threat to enter Britain while making it simple and easier for those who will benefit to the economy.

Electronic Travel Authorization Scheme

According to a statement by the government, over the next few years, more changes and improvements to the Electronic Travel Authorization scheme will be made to guarantee that the UK continues to have a world-leading border and legal migration system.

The statement added that these vary from apparent changes such as improved customer service before customers apply and unseen changes like better targeting at the border.

The new ETA system will permit more international visitors to the UK to use eGates. At the same time, Digital Customer Accounts will give customers applying for UK visas a simpler and direct process with easier access to eVisas needed for travel.

Per the Home Office, the new digital system will allow immigration authorities to comprehend more about people coming to the UK before they travel, helping to strengthen security and decrease UK immigration queues.

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