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Opportunities for Citizenship by Investment

Opportunities for Citizenship by Investment

The latest guide on citizenship by investment, or the CBI Index, has been disclosed amid growing uncertainty, rising security risk, political unpredictability, and intensifying appeals to act on the global warming threat.


The CBI index comes at a time when most individuals are re-evaluating their home and are in search of steadier locations that not simply provide security but also offer health, business and education opportunities, for the future generations. The CBI index or the citizenship by investment, delivers readers a perspective of a transforming industry.


In spite of an agitated global backdrop and an investment industry troubled by scrutiny from the EU and USA, the CBI index of this year hints at an opening in between the disorder, a chance for the CBI industry to advance and probably be the solution to individuals who look to it to control what the world has to offer.


Often considered as a Plan B, the CBI index deduces that in a post-pandemic environment, there has been a loss in trust of the government as people obtain second, or multiple citizenships, and take control of their futures. The new global citizen will intend to invest in Plan A and a more favorable future for the planet and the people.


Although the CBI index is a grading system, developed to gauge the performance appeal of global citizenship by investment (CBI) programs through various indicators, it also gives a voice for the industry and a forward-looking manual.


It provides readers a view of what could be given to the industry, provided that industry players join and transform its regulatory environment to mutually benefit the host countries and the worldwide citizens who acknowledge that home does not have to be their birthplace but a place where there are prospects.


This Index is considered as a practical tool  for individuals who plan to compare the CBI program as a whole and for individuals who plan to compare certain aspects of each program.

The CBI Index evaluates all operational CBI program countries, which in 2022, include Antigua and Austria, Barbuda, Grenada, Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Dominica, Malta, Montenegro, Turkey, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and Vanuatu.

The CBI Index regards the CBI program depending on these nine foundations: minimum investment outlay, freedom of movement, standard of living, citizenship timeline, ease of processing, mandatory travel or residence, due diligence, family and certainty of product.

As the CBI industry is going through its own challenges and transformations, the CBI Index offers worldly investors an authentic analysis of a renowned program that will allow investors to select second citizenship in destinations that will fulfill their demands.

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