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Changes in Australia's Immigration Program for 2024 25 What You Need to Know

Changes in Australia’s Immigration Program for 2024-25: What You Need to Know

Australia’s government has announced the budget for 2024-25, touching upon various departments, including significant updates to the immigration program. Let’s delve into these changes and understand their impact.


Key Changes in the Skilled Migration Program

One of the most crucial aspects is the Skilled Migration Program, which has seen positive developments despite minor adjustments. The total seats for the Skilled Migration Program have been adjusted from 199,000 to 185,000. However, the government has introduced a new approach by projecting migrant intake over four years, aiming for 800,000 migrants instead of annual estimates.

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Employer-Sponsored Skilled Visa

The Employer-Sponsored Skilled Visa sees an increase from 36,000 to 44,000 seats. This boost indicates a higher demand for skilled workers across various sectors in Australia.


Skill Independent Visa

The Skill Independent Visa category, however, has been reduced from 30,000 to 16,900. This reduction aligns with the government’s strategy to streamline the migration process and prioritize employer-sponsored visas.

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Regional Visa

The Regional Visa category has also seen a positive shift, with an increase from 32,300 to 33,000. This change emphasizes the government’s focus on encouraging migration to regional areas.


State and Territory Nominated Visa

The State and Territory Nominated Visa categories have witnessed substantial increases. For instance, from 34,400 to 33,000, reflecting a more localized approach to addressing skill shortages in specific regions.

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Business Innovation and Global Talent Visas

In contrast, the Business Innovation Visa has been reduced from 1,900 to 1,000, and the Global Talent Visa from 5,000 to 4,000. These adjustments reflect the evolving priorities within Australia’s migration policy.

Australian Family Visas

Family visa categories, including Partner, Parent, and Child visas, remain unchanged, maintaining their respective allocations.

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These changes indicate a shift towards a more tailored and region-specific migration approach, encouraging skilled migrants to contribute to Australia’s diverse economy. Keep an eye on these developments and prepare accordingly to maximize your chances of migrating to Australia.

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