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Britain’s Plan To Cut Down Immigration ~ All You Need To Know ~ UK Politics News 2024

Britain’s Plan To Cut Down Immigration

The Conservatives pledged to lower net migration to less than 100,000 per year when they took charge in 2010. The party has stressed taking back control of Britain’s borders since the Brexit vote in 2016. They also assured a reduction in immigration in the 2019 Tory Manifesto without giving a target number.


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New Legislation and Infighting

James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, proposed new legislation to confront a Supreme Court ruling that considered the government’s asylum-seeker scheme illegitimate. This legislation resulted in internal dispute, with some hardliners recommending overriding legal obligations, including the European Convention on Human Rights. The immigration minister, Robert Jenrick, resigned in reaction to these developments.

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Economic and Political Ramifications

To cut down the net legal migration by 300,000 individuals, the government declared initiatives like increasing the minimum salary requirement for work visas and reinforcing rules for bringing in foreign spouses and dependents. These changes were elicited by record-high net migration numbers, raising concerns regarding their economic influence and the potential to consolidate the labor market.

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Business and Sector Concerns

Businesses did not welcome the new initiatives precisely because of their potential impact on recruitment and the thought that higher salary requirements would favor organizations in certain regions. Moreover, the changes in visa rules for health and social care workers and their dependents are anticipated to make recruitment in these sectors more challenging.

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Public Opinion and Political Stability

A rising number of Britons are evaluating immigration as a significant issue, resulting in shifting public opinion. However, the new rules, especially those affecting dependents for health and social care workers, are likely to have wider implications, potentially decreasing economic growth and challenging the government’s commitment to restoring stability.


The UK government’s strategy to reduce immigration involves notable changes and has sparked debates regarding its potential influence on various sectors and the overall economy. While it addresses the government’s promise to bring down net migration, it also raises concerns regarding its broader implications and the balance between immigration control and economic needs.

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