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August 12, 2022

Brief Introduction To UK’s Point-Based Immigration System

In today’s blog, we’ll be going through about the points-based immigration system in the United Kingdom.


Are you an overseas national who wishes to work or study in the UK? Then you might need to make a visa application via the UK’s Points-Based System (PBS).

The PBS is the framework utilised in the UK for various work and student immigration applications. As an applicant, you will be required to fulfil specific requirements (that will differ depending on the application) for which you will score points. If you score the demanded number of points, and if there are no issues present, like authenticity, criminality etc., your application should be approved.

PBS visas are categorised into two groups.

Certain visas will be personal to the applicant, where you must possess particular qualifications and experience (amongst other requirements) to achieve the demanded number of points. Other visas will need the sponsorship of a UK business with the relevant sponsor licence.

In this group, receiving a Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer would add to your mandated points threshold. The rest of the points would be made up of your qualifications and experience.

The main personal PBS visas are the following:

Global Talent and Graduate visas

Start-up and Innovator visas


The main sponsored PBS visas are as follows:

Skilled Worker visas

and Temporary work visas such as the Intra-company Transfer visa and student visas.

The achievement of a certain number of points is mandatory, while other points can be traded – however, this depends on the visa category.

For instance, a sponsored Skilled Worker visa will require a stable job offer at the proper skill level and your ability to speak English as mandatory categories. Points for salary and qualification levels, as well as whether there is a lack of eligible candidates for the respective job in the UK, are tradeable. So, for example, a higher salary can make up for a lower qualification level.

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