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Discover the Latest Australian Immigration Updates September 2023 Highlights

Australian Immigration News – September 2023

In this blog we’ll be taking a brief look at the latest September 2023 updates for Australian immigration.


Bad news for trade professions, as VETASSESS has stopped skill assessments for several trade occupations. These include:

● Cook
● Chef
● Motor
● Motor Mechanic
● Diesel Mechanic
● Electrician
● Metal Machinist

Visa Cuts for State Nominations

Are you interested in State Nomination visas? Well, get ready for some competition and increased challenges. There have been significant cuts to the State Nomination Visas 190 and 491. For the 2023-24 program year, these have dropped from 62,416 to 16,700.

Queensland Open Doors For Migration

You can now lodge Expressions of Interest to migrate to Queensland if you’re an eligible candidate. The criteria remain similar to the last year.

Victoria’s Open For Migration

There are no changes to the subclass 190 eligibility criteria, but subclass 491 has significant adjustments. These changes are especially for onshore applicants.

Explore Other Visa Options

Now that State Sponsorship visas have been reduced, other visa options might be worth considering. These include the following:

● Employer-sponsored visas 482 and 186
● Temporary Graduate Visa 485
● Student Visa subclass 500
● Training Visa 407

Changes To Employer-Sponsored Visa

Are you an employer-sponsored visa holder? Then, there are some great changes coming your way. After two years of sponsorship, all Visa 482 holders will be qualified for Temporary Residence Transition rather than the three-year requirement.

Updates on Student Visa

A bit of a tough time is heading towards international students. If you’re an international student, now you’ll have to show a higher financial capacity. This change is due to Australia’s increased living costs.

Business and Investor Visas

Unfortunately, due to no state allocations, the 188 Business and Investor Visa is closed. But there’s a silver lining.

You can prepare for the upcoming $5 million investment visa, which would be similar.

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