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Australia Visa Denials, New Rules, and Withdrawn Offers Cause Chaos for the Sector

Australia: Visa Denials, New Rules, and Withdrawn Offers Cause Chaos for the Sector

The dropping visa approval rates touched their lowest point in nearly two decades while marking a notable transformation in Australia’s international student visa landscape. As of Dec 2023, the student visa approval rate plunged to 80.9%, contrasting clearly to the 86% in the previous year and even soaring in earlier years. Moreover, this fall introduces a challenging period for potential students, particularly from India and Nepal, facing a substantial reduction in offshore higher education visa approvals.

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The rigidity of visa approvals by the Australian government is to strengthen a broader strategy of limiting net migrations to pre-pandemic levels while amplifying the integrity of the international education sector. However, this initiative has raised concerns among education providers and prospective students as it has led to an exceptional number of refusals.

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A “risk-rating approach” has been recently implemented by the visa processing system to prioritize institutions with lower risk ratings, characterizing high compliance and genuine student recruitment. This approach is targeted to ensure that Australia’s education benefits only genuine students, a move backed by introducing integrity measures and stringent assessment of applications.

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Despite these challenges, the mounting application rates are increasing the demand for Australian education. However, a call for considerable transparency and balance in the visa approval process is ignited due to the intense scrutiny and selective approval process to ensure genuine students from all backgrounds have equal access to Australian education.


Finally, overlooking the rigidity of visa approvals, we recommend that prospective international students carefully prepare their applications regarding integrity and genuineness.

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