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Australia eases path to permanent residency for temporary migrant workers

Australia eases path to permanent residency for temporary migrant workers

In today’s Blog update we’ll look at Australia’s Revised Immigration Strategy which mainly focuses on Growth in Skill and Family Visa Streams.

Introduction to Australia’s 2024–25 Migration Changes

The Australian Government has unveiled its plans for the 2024–25 permanent Migration Program, setting the total places at 185,000. This strategic distribution aims to bolster the economy by addressing skill shortages and enhancing family reunification.

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Skill Stream Enhancement and Employer Sponsored Visa Increase

The skill stream, capturing approximately 71% of the total program with 132,200 places, is primarily designed to enhance economic productivity and target labor market gaps, especially in regional Australia. In a significant move, the allocation for Employer Sponsored visas has been increased from 36,825 to 44,000. This expansion is part of a broader effort to provide a more efficient pathway for temporary migrants transitioning to permanent residence, particularly through the Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

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Partner and Child Visas

Family reunification remains a cornerstone of the Migration Program, with the Family stream comprising about 28% of the total places. Of these, 40,500 places are allocated for Partner visas and 3,000 for Child visas, both of which are demand-driven categories. This focus underscores Australia’s commitment to supporting Australian residents and citizens in bringing their family members to the country, promoting long-term settlement and integration.

Adjustments in Special Visa Categories

The Skilled Independent and Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) visas have seen adjustments. While the Skilled Independent category now offers 16,900 places, down from last year’s 30,375, it still remains significantly higher than during the COVID-era. Conversely, the BIIP visas have been reduced to 1,000 places, sharpening the focus on high-quality business and investment contributions.

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Global Talent Visa and National Innovation Transition

Notably, the planning level for the Global Talent Visa has been slightly reduced to 4,000 places, reflecting a strategic refinement to attract top global talent who can contribute uniquely to Australia’s standing in various fields. Moreover, the transition to the new National Innovation visa is set to ensure that current and future applicants, including those from the Global Talent stream, are adequately supported throughout their application process.

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Australia’s revised migration strategy for the 2024-25 program year is tailored to meet the dual goals of economic enhancement through skilled migration and the strengthening of community ties through family reunification. This balanced approach aims to address current needs while preparing for future growth and challenges in the immigration landscape.

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