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Australia Skills in Demand Visa 2024 EXPLAINED! Australia Visa Update

Australia introduces “Skills in demand” visa to address labor shortages and fill job roles

In today’s blog update we will talk about the Australia’s launch of New Skills in Demand Visa, to fill 800,000 job vacancies. You can Apply now!

Please keep in mind that this visa will address skills gaps in the nation by expediting workforce in the nation. It should be noted that the visa is valid for four year term and gives easy route to permanent residency in Australia. Australia’s migration strategy disclosed that the nation intends on halving its migrant intake over the next two years.


In an effort to address skill gaps and improve workforce in the labor market, Australia has launched a new Skills in Demand visa which is set to replace the Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482) visa. There are over 800,000 job vacancies in Australia and through this visa candidates will be able to fill these vacancies. The new program will offer three different pathways, each catering to specific workforce requirements.



Following are the targeted pathways under the skills in demand visa

  1. Specialist Skills Pathway
  2. Core Skills Pathway
  3. Essential Skills Pathway

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Let’s tell you in detail:

Specialist Skills Pathway

This is designed for highly skilled migrants who are vital to Australia’s productivity. The specialist’s skills pathway obligates a minimum wage of AUD 135,000, exceeding salaries of workers in Australia in the same occupations. All jobs will be entitled under this pathway except for machinery operators, trades workers, laborers, and drivers.

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Core Skills Pathway

The Care Skills pathway gives precedence to candidates whose line of work supports the new core skills occupation list, which is recognized by jobs and skills Australia facing shortages. Applicants must fulfill the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT).


Essential Skills Pathway

Please keep in mind that Essential Skills pathway is presently in development, and targets workers earning less than AUD 70,000 and possesses essential skills.

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Details of the skills in demand visa

The skills-in-demand visa comes with four year validity term with clear routes to Australian permanent residency.

Furthermore, a special feature which permits employees to switch employers while their visa is still valid, along with giving them 180 days to find a new sponsor.

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An impending scheme is being examined into which would permit businesses cover the cost of hiring overseas workers.

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It was also noted that efforts are being made into streamlining the recognized sponsor pathway, so as to make it easier for accredited sponsor to get migrant workers.

The specialist skills channel takes 7 days, while other streams need 21 days.

Our blog ends here. If you find this blog update useful then please share it with your friends and family on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Thanks for reading today’s update.


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