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UK Govt Announced 4 New UK Study Visa Rules

Another Day. Another New Rule for UK Student Visa.

In today’s blog update, we’ll talk about the New Measures that will be used to Tackle Student Visa Abuse in the UK. . It’ll be an interesting and informational blog. So we highly suggest you to read it until the end.

Stricter Controls on Student Visas

The UK government has unveiled new proposals aimed at cracking down on student visa abuse, ensuring that the country’s higher education sector is used for its intended purpose – education, not as a gateway for immigration. This move is part of a broader effort to reduce overall migration levels while maintaining the UK’s status as a premier destination for international students.

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Proposals to Enhance Compliance

The Home Secretary and Education Secretary have announced measures to regulate the recruitment of international students more stringently. Universities will be required to sign up to a strict framework for recruitment agents, targeting rogue agents who exploit the visa system. Institutions failing to meet visa checks or having high drop-out rates risk losing their sponsor licenses.

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Financial and Language Requirements

The proposals also include raising financial maintenance requirements to ensure international students can support themselves. Additionally, the government is reviewing English language assessments to standardize independent evaluations, ensuring students have the necessary skills to succeed in their courses.

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Impact of the Changes

The latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a 10% drop in net migration since 2022, with a 25% decline in visa applications in the first four months of 2024 compared to the previous year. These measures are expected to further reduce migration levels, with the Office for Budget Responsibility forecasting a halving of net migration from its 2022 peak within the next 12 months.

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Government Statements

Home Secretary James Cleverly stated, “We have taken decisive and necessary action to deliver the largest cut in legal migration in our country’s history. Applications are already falling sharply, down by almost a quarter on key routes.” Education Secretary Gillian Keegan added, “It is right that we strike the balance between controlling immigration and making sure the UK remains the ‘go to’ place for students around the world.”

Graduate Visa Review

The Home Secretary has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to review the Graduate visa route, following concerns about its misuse. The MAC found that rogue agents pose a significant threat, and immediate action is needed to ensure the route attracts high-earning graduates who contribute to the economy.

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Broader Immigration Reforms

In addition to the student visa crackdown, the government has implemented several measures to cut legal migration. These include increasing the salary threshold for Skilled Worker visas, restricting dependants for care workers, abolishing the shortage occupation list, and raising the minimum income requirement for family visas.


These comprehensive measures reflect the government’s commitment to reforming the immigration system, reducing migration levels, and ensuring the integrity of the UK’s higher education sector. The new proposals aim to strike a balance between attracting genuine international students and preventing visa abuse, maintaining the UK’s reputation as a world-class educational destination.

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