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New 2023 Changes in Australia Skilled Migration Rule   60 Days allowed for Australia Skill Assessmen

All About Skills Assessment For Australia’s Skilled Migration

Skills assessment is essential to the documentation of Australia’s skilled migration. For those who don’t know, a skills assessment helps the authorities and Australian employers judge your skills and qualifications according to their standards. The absence of a skills assessment means your qualification is not verified according to Australia’s standards. Regardless, the main issue with a skills assessment is its validity.

According to the new rule, you are given 60 days to acquire a valid skills assessment after you get an invite from the Expression of Interest or EOI stage. After you complete your skills assessment, you can enter the Expression of Interest phase with your total points. Next, a draw takes place to nominate candidates for invitations to apply for the relevant visa. It is safe to say that many people have to wait for a very long time to get an invitation to apply. In the meantime, their skills assessment is left to expire.

Moving on, the next 30 days are crucial for both the authorities and applicants. The officials assessing everything have to follow the pre-determined processing times, and you have to ensure that your relevant documents are updated and in one place to avoid any delays.

What’s important to note here is that receiving an invitation to apply during the EOI phase is often a turning point for the majority of candidates. It means that all they have to do now is complete their residency application. Don’t forget that the final phase is of great significance since that’s when you have to get police clearance, go through medical exams, and take care of all the paperwork.

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