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A Weekly Summary of US Immigration Updates

A Weekly Summary Of US Immigration Stories

This blog highlights the top trending US immigration stories for the week.



US Deports Over 11,000 Migrants Following The Expiry Of Title 42

US border agents were successful in deporting over 11,000 migrants who crossed through the US-Mexico border one week after the Title 42 border restrictions expired.

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According to the Biden administration, formal deportations are a unique motivator because migrants know they would face severe immigration and criminal consequences, such as five-years bans from entering the US and jail time if they try to cross unlawfully.

Congress Proposed A New Immigration Bill

A new Bipartisan immigration bill was put forward by two Latina Congresswomen to try and break the legislative stalemate in Congress.

The Dignity Act would offer a pathway for undocumented immigrants to help them obtain legal status, provided they fulfill certain border security measures.

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8 Year Old Lost Her Life In Border Patrol Custody

An 8-year-old girl lost her life while she was in Border Patrol custody. Reports state border agents didn’t pay heed to the pleas of the girl’s family to admit her into a hospital since she had pre-existing medical conditions. Furthermore, medical personnel looked at Anadith Tanay Reyes nearly thrice the day she passed away. Plus, the authorities failed to arrange an ambulance for her to go to the hospital when she had a seizure and lost consciousness.



Needless to say, the death of the little girl has everyone concerned about the provision of appropriate healthcare services for those in US border patrol custody. Reports suggest there are a few problems in border facilities, including overcrowding and poor conditions.

The US Senate Blocks Biden’s Policy

The Biden administration’s 2022 public charge rule was blocked after the US Senate passed a resolution. Don’t forget the public charge rule prevents green card applicants from getting penalized for relying on government benefits.

The resolution calls for the reinstatement of the public charge policy introduced when Trump was in charge, which made obtaining a green card significantly challenging for low-income immigrants.

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