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2024 UK Immigration Revolution The 6 Changes You Shouldn't Ignore! UK Immigration News 2024

6 Big UK Immigration Changes Coming in 2024

As immigration changes come to light, we make sure to bring you the latest updates in our articles. Today we’ll be going through the key changes and their implications for the upcoming 2024 UK Visa Policy Overhaul.

The UK government is set to make crucial immigration policy changes in 2024. These changes are said to impact multiple visa categories with the aim of altering the labor market and the UK’s migration dynamics.


Let’s go through the expected immigration changes in 2024.

Skilled Worker Visa

For those planning to apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa, here’s some big news. There will be a big jump in the salary requirement, from £26,200 to £38,700. However, do note that this change does not apply to individuals in national pay scale roles such as those under the Health and Care Visa or teaching.

Specifics of this change are still pending, but you can expect the reduced salary threshold to continue for these groups.



Family-Based Visas

Another rise comes in the income thresholds for those sponsoring family members. The minimum income threshold will increase to £38,700 from £18,600. Given their impact on the right to family life, current exemptions from income requirements will continue to exist.


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Health and Care Worker Visa

Another significant change with restrictions will be applied to the Health and Care Worker Visa, where only the Care Quality Commission’s regulated care work will be able to sponsor visas.

This visa type could face a loss of appeal in the future since visa holders will not be permitted to bring dependents into the country.

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Net Migration and Digitalization

The goal of these significant changes is said to be to reduce the UK’s net migration, which could impact around 300,000 individuals.

Immigration Health Surcharge is to increase as well, costing £1,035 per year. Meanwhile, you will be given online migration statuses instead of the physical Biometric Residence Permits.


The Labour Market and the Shortage Occupation List

The UK government will also be taking a drastic step by terminating the system of offering 80% of the standard rate for migrants in shortage occupations.

However, this action could have a bad impact on the skill shortages present in sectors such as hospitality.


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Healthcare Sector Concerns

The government has been warned that these major changes in policies could force away migrant workers in the NHS and Social Care sectors.

Although the government’s intentions to bring forth these changes are to tackle net migration issues efficiently, it is quite clear that these significant changes could have a heavy impact on sectors such as healthcare and on potential migrants and businesses.

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