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October 4, 2022

New Updates On Work Restrictions For Foreign Students

In the most recent Jobs and Skills Summit, the Australian government made a significant announcement regarding the restrictions on working hours for foreign students.

In an announcement made on 2 September 2022, the Australian government revealed that the number of hours that foreign students can work will be once again limited in June 2023. This will put an end to the temporary relaxation of rules and limitations that were given this year in January. However, no decision has been made as to what the limitation will be. Per the government, this action has been taken to provide a balance between work and study.

What Are The Working Restrictions For Foreign Students?

Currently, there are no limitations on how many hours foreign students can work on a student visa. The government made a decision to loosen restrictions on working hours in January 2022 ​​​​​to deal with the issue of labour shortages, allowing international students to work as many hours as they want to in any sector.

Previously, What Were The Working Restrictions For International Students?

Although the new restrictions will be different from the previous restrictions, it is still helpful to have a full picture in mind. Previously, the majority of foreign students were restricted to work for 40 hours in a 2 week period. Students were also not allowed to work before their course began, but were allowed to work for unlimited hours during their semester break. Students of PhD and Masters by Research were permitted to work for unlimited hours once their course began.

What Was The Perspective Of Foreign Students Regarding Unlimited Working Hours?

According to a survey, some students accepted the liberty to choose their working hours and earn more money while others had concerns about being distracted by work and said that study should be the priority. However, the majority opinion was that the decision to choose working hours should be given to international students as they can best decide how can they manage their jobs with their studies according to their individual schedules.

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