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8 Free And Amazing Student Apps To Make Your Life Easy

8 Free And Amazing Student Apps To Make Your Life Easy

Managing your studies with your social life, health, home, and work can be quite tricky. To take some load off your shoulders, it can be very helpful to look for ways that can help you in balancing the stress and make your life a little easier.

Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store feature millions of games, books, music and movies. Not only that, they also include thousands of the best study apps for students. Whether it’s about study tips for exams or tools to organize yourself, we present to you eight apps that will make your student life more manageable and easier.

  1. Google Calendar

This free app has many features and is great for scheduling classes, deadlines for assignments, friend meetups, exams, and everything you would want to make a reminder for. You can add your recurring or upcoming events, and reminders and tailor settings to send you email and push notifications.

  1. Microsoft Lens

Ever been in a class where your teacher has filled every inch of the board with complex formulas and diagrams? It’s easy to take out your phone and take a photo of the board, instead of jotting everything down, which can be time-consuming and a bit hard.

For this very reason, we present to you Microsoft Lens. This app makes your pictures sharp and easily readable, also you can search for the text in the picture, saving you a lot of time. This amazing app also has the features to convert images to Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel files.

  1. Notion

Notion’s powerful and easy features help you plan and manage even the most difficult team projects so you are always prepared. Though it’s free to use, you can also sign up with your university email address to get more features. Doesn’t matter if it’s a to-do list, recipes, notes, or reminders, Notion makes it incredibly easy to follow up and monitor everything.

  1. Lost On Campus

Although Google Maps can help you locate even the toughest addresses, one thing it doesn’t do is locate buildings on campus accurately. Here Lost On Campus can be your saviour. Praised as Australia’s greatest mapping tool for campuses, you can get the help of Lost On Campus to locate tutorial rooms, lecture theatres, and even bathrooms.

  1. Google Drive

If we compare Google Drive to Dropbox or iCloud, Google Drive is evidently the most feature-packed app. You can use it to save your most cherished photos with your family and friends, important notes, lecture recordings, and a lot more.

With its simple interface and effective search option, you can find anything in a matter of seconds. Google Drive also provides 15GB of free storage in addition to the option to upload photos without any limits.

  1. Forest

If you’re working at the office or studying in a library, listening to a lecture or relaxing with your friends, smartphones are always a cause for distraction. You are always receiving all kinds of notifications from the hundreds of apps on your phone.

This is where Forest comes into play. This app blocks specific applications from your phone and helps you to not get distracted. Its features allow you to block any of the apps you don’t want to use or get notified of while keeping in touch with the ones you want. You can even block all the apps. This amazing app also has a chrome extension so you can block unnecessary websites.

  1. Anki

Anki is among the top-ranked apps by students out of all the study apps for both Android and iOS. This app features flashcards for university study tips which are amazing if you are learning a new language or memorising difficult terms. Anki allows users to make flashcards for free. On top of that Anki syncs across all devices and lets you to include images, audio and even video.

  1. Mendeley

Oftentimes, referencing can be the most challenging aspect of any assignment. There are countless different styles of citations, and every citation has its own set of rules.

Thanks to Mendeley, all your problems will be solved. Through this app, you can directly add websites from your browser with some clicks or import documents from your computer. Mendeley will grab and capture all the important information for your citations. The amazing part is that it has an extension for MS Word. Meaning you can cite effortlessly while you are writing. This app is free for 2GB of storage. Premium plans start from $5.

All the apps mentioned in this video are all free of cost and are available on both iOS and Android.

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