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Australia Introduces Free Fast-Track Skills Assessment For Migrants

Are you a visa bearer seeking to enhance your opportunities of acquiring a job? A government-run pilot program strives to deliver more significant prospects for onshore migrants to be a part of the workforce.

Interested individuals could be eligible for a free, fast-tracked skills assessment if they are on a qualified partner, family, humanitarian or refugee visa delivered on or after 1 January 2016 and hold experience in a priority occupation.

What is The Pilot 2?

Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants is a program of the Australian Government delivering skilled migrants a fast-tracked route to acquire employment in a job with a substantial need for skilled workers.

This pilot is available to migrants who have never gone through a skills assessment and who hold qualifications, skills, and/or experience directly relevant to a priority occupation.

Evaluating your skills via the Skills Assessment Pilots program will not impact any currently in progress or future visa applications.

The sole intent of the free assessment is to allow you to play a part in the Australian workforce and support the recovery of Australia’s economy from COVID-19.

Skilled migrants are crucial to Australia’s workforce. Skilled migrants can use a successful skills assessment outcome letter to support job applications, assuring employers that the applicant possesses the skills required for working in Australia.

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