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US Signs A New Immigration Agreement With Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently celebrated the inseparable bond between US and Canada with President Joe Biden. They also stated the importance of the shared values of the two countries at a time when there’s so much unrest in the world.

It should be noted that Joe Biden visited Canada as president for the first time, claiming that the US is fortunate to have a neighboring country like Canada since both nations are currently struggling to deal with the ongoing war in Europe, climate change, the rapidly evolving global economy, and more.

As far as immigration is concerned, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau also announced an agreement to stop asylum seekers from going to Canada from the US illegally.

The agreement deals with a loophole under existing rules, allowing both countries to refuse entry to asylum seekers at their borders. However, Canada has also announced that 15,000 migrants belonging to the Western Hemisphere will be allotted official slots to apply to enter the country.

During the visit, the two leaders also had a private conversation with top aides before speaking in front of the Parliament.

In his speech, President Biden also mentioned that the destinies of the US and Canada are intertwined, and the two countries are inseparable out of choice. He further added that the US and Canada are two countries that share one heart.

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