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How To Apply For a UK Work Visa & What Are There Requirements

One of the world’s most desired locations to live – the United Kingdom is an incredible place to live and work, as residents are surrounded by culture, art, nightlife, and so much more.

The U.K. residents also get free healthcare, can experience stunning views, and can efficiently access public transportation.

But before you get ready to fly and apply to numerous jobs in the U.K., you’ll need to know about certain important factors— like applying for a work visa.

So here’s how you can apply for a long-term work visa.

First, as an applicant, you’ll be required to determine the duration of the type of visa. Should you apply for a long-term or short-term option?

The following are categories for long-term work visas:

So, if you intend to work in any of these industries in the U.K., you should apply for a long-term work visa.

Although all of these paths come under the long-term work visa option, the process and conditions for each category can vary. Therefore, check thoroughly to ensure you’re selecting the most appropriate visa option.

For example, suppose you’re applying for a Skilled Worker work visa. In that case, your U.K. employer will require approval from the Home Office. You’ll need a “certificate of sponsorship,” an eligible occupation, and you’ll have to meet the minimum amount for income requirement. If you fulfil these conditions, you should complete the online application for your work visa.

You must also prepare the required documents, such as a reference number for your “certificate of sponsorship,” proof of English language proficiency, a passport or similar document, and the official title and code for your occupation. Furthermore, be ready to pay a fee when applying.

How Can I Apply for a Short-Term Work Visa?

More profession-based categories come under the short-term work visa category, as individuals working in these occupations will likely not have to remain in the U.K. for long.

Some occupations where you can apply for a short-term work visa in the U.K are the following:

  • Charity Worker visa
  • Creative Worker visa
  • International Agreement visa
  • Seasonal Worker visa
  • Graduate visa
  • High Potential Individual visa

It’s worth mentioning that most of these work visas are pretty specific, so you should be extra cautious when checking your qualifications for a short-term work visa.

For instance, you can submit an application for the Creative Worker visa if you receive a job in acting, singing, or videography. You’ll have to fulfil a distinct set of requirements, acquire a certificate of sponsorship, have the necessary amount of money in your bank account, make the payment to apply, and fill out the application.

It’s vital to remember that this type of work visa will only allow you to remain in the U.K. for a year without an extension.

Meanwhile, if you were a student in the United Kingdom, you could be eligible for a Graduate visa while you’re still in the country. This visa will permit you to remain in the U.K. for two years or more after completing your studies, as long as you bear the required documents.

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