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UK Scale-up Visa & How To Apply

Our Blog update for today brings you the details of the UK Scale-Up visa and how to apply.

Presently, a high-skilled occupation with a minimum paycheque of £33,000 and English language skills are the only requirements to obtain a UK-scale up visa.

In an attempt to attract the world’s best talent in every field, the UK government has brought forward a new Scale-up visa and stated that it will aid the top high-growth businesses in the country to attract skilled professionals, including engineers, scientists, programmers, and architects, to work for them.

Making use of the Scale-up visa, businesses will now be capable of employing skilled candidates who will be awarded 2 years of leave to remain in the UK without needing further financing or permission beyond the first 6 months.

The UK government stated recently that the Scale-up visa will offer businesses greater pliability to hire the often in-demand talent they require so they can move on to the next level while increasing the UK’s highly skilled pool.

What Benefits Does The Scale-up Visa Offer?

The Scale-up visa is primarily a “fast -track” immigration route that does not need the time, cost, and responsibility of getting a sponsor license to invite an individual to the country.

Initially this year,  the Home Office pointed to the Scale-up visa in its policy paper, stating that this year in Spring, they would launch a new, unsponsored route that would be points-based and help attract the best talent to the UK. Those who are highly skilled and academically exceptional will be focused upon.

To immigrate via the Scale-up visa, a person will need a “high skill” job offer from a UK employer with a minimum wage requirement of £33,000. Bear in mind that the £33,000 will be a lower salary threshold than that required by individuals in the skilled worker occupations who are commonly employed by Scale-ups.

According to a report, those who are not initiated under the UK’s points-based immigration system, to come to the UK through the Skilled worker route, such as IT analysts and systems designers, must be paid the current rate of £36,600 unless they have alternate tradeable points that add up to being paid less.

What are the conditions for the UK- scale up visa in 2022?

  • A UK-based company’s job offer valid for a period of a minimum of 6 months;
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from the applicant’s employer
  • Minimum salary requirement of £33,000 per year
  • English language proficiency
  • Adequate funds to support themselves

Who is eligible for Scale-up visas?

Scale-up visa is a component of the UK’s points-based system for immigration. At present, the sole requirements to get this visa are announced as English language proficiency, a high-skilled job with a paycheque minimum of £33,000.

The government announced that companies that have gained growth of 20%  or more in either employment or turnover year-on-year for a minimum of 3 years  and employed at least 10 individuals at the beginning of the 3 years will be qualified to sponsor talented candidates via the Scale-up visa.

Qualified businesses will be able to appeal to highly skilled talent including engineers, scientists,  software developers, programmers, economists, research and development professionals,  technicians, architects, and financial and investment advisers.

What requirements must be fulfilled to be considered as a Scale-up company?

Companies that have gained 20% growth every year in either turnover (total sales) or employment;

A minimum of 10 employees must be present at the beginning of the 3-year period;

At present, there are 33,445 firms with an annual increase of 20% in either growth of employees or turnover in the year 2019. They have employed 3.2 million individuals, generating an overall turnover of £1.1 trillion.

Individuals on a Scale up-visa will be able to switch jobs and employers. Their visas must be extendable, so it is likely there will be a course to settlement. However, there has not yet been any declaration regarding whether family members join the applicants.

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