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September 23, 2022

UK Resumes Priority Services For Work Visa Processing Outside The UK

In today’s Blog, we will take a brief look at the new measures taken by the UK Home Office to resume Priority Services for applications from overseas.

Recently, there have been some positive developments for student and work visa applications submitted from outside the UK. Let’s have a look.

Student And Work Visas

The Home Office has reinstated priority services for work and student applications. This means that applications filed after 12 August 2022 will again be processed within approximately 5 business days with the priority service or around one working day with the super priority service.

Skilled Worker And Senior Or Specialist Worker Applications

These applications benefit from this change, but presently, the High Potential Individual and Innovator/Start-up applications do not; and Standard Work Visa applications, at present without the Priority Service take about 4 weeks to process, sometimes even longer.

Now, let’s look at the priority services for other visa applications filed from outside the UK.

Visit Visas

A lower number of priority services are available on appointments for visit visa applications. On average, Standard visit visa applications take around 7 weeks.

Family Visas

Priority services for family visa applications are still on a halt along with applications of those who are applying as the partner of a British citizen. The standard time for processing is at 24 weeks, instead of the usual 12 weeks.

As explained previously, Priority services are still in place for visa applications filed from within the UK, but there are some delays.

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