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May 30, 2023

Title 42 Fallout: US Deports 11,000 Migrants in a Week!

The US recently deported over 11,000 migrants to Mexico and 30 other countries in a week following Biden’s administration’s plans to publicize deportations after Title 42 expired.



It should be noted US border agents can no longer resist entry to migrants under Title 42 since the policy was lifted on 11 May. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed executing more than 11,000 deportations and returning migrants who entered through the southern border illegally.



Biden administration officials commended countries in Latin America for preventing migrants from travelling north, as their efforts helped reduce the illegal migration to the US southern border.

Biden administration made asylum rules stricter and is calling for mass deportations, but it has expanded certain programs to allow migrants to come to the US legally.

Did you know about an app called CBP One? It enables migrants in Mexico to set up an appointment to be processed at the border and secure entry into the US as asylum seekers. Interestingly, nearly 1,070 migrants avail of this program on a daily basis, which is quite an improvement from 740 before Title 42 was lifted.

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Moreover, nearly 30,000 nationals of Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua enter the US with their American sponsors every month. DHS confirmed 7,000 migrants entered the country within a week under this policy.

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