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September 22, 2022

Requirements For Skilled Worker Visa Maintenance

Applicants for the Skilled Worker route will be required to fulfil the maintenance requirement. This is applicable to the principal applicant but also to any of their dependents.

The maintenance requirement is set to make sure that the candidates have adequate funds, or access to adequate funds, to prevent dependence on the UK’s welfare state, that is, public funds during their first month in the UK.

You can fulfil the maintenance conditions through one of the following ways.

Maintenance Certified By Sponsor

Your sponsor, a UK employer, might agree to permit maintenance for you and likely for your dependents. This means that your sponsor will be consenting to maintain and accommodate you and your dependents, if required, till the end of the first month of your visa in the UK, up to a maximum amount which is as follows:

  • £1,270.00 for you;
  • an extra £285.00 for your partner;
  • an extra £315.00 for your first child; and
  • an extra £200.00 for any other children.

The sponsor will only have to provide this support if it is absolutely essential, for example, if any of your family members, who are also travelling to the UK with you as your dependents, are impoverished in the UK.

Proof of Sufficient Funds

If your sponsor does not approve maintenance, you will have to provide proof that you have adequate funds, as specified previously, at the time you apply and have done so for at least 28 days. To file a successful application, it is essential to show that the statement covers the specified period and is not less than the necessary amount at any time within this period.

The Home Office also defines where the funds should be kept and what proof they will accept to prove that the standards have been met. It is essential to follow their directions precisely, or your application can be rejected.

What Are The Exceptions?

If you and or your family have been lawfully living in the UK for at least a year before the date of application, you will automatically meet the financial conditions, and you will not have to provide any further evidence.

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