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Skilled Business Migration Programs 2022 23 Are Now Open

Skilled & Business Migration Programs 2022-23 Are Now Open

In this Blog, we will talk about the Australian government’s plan to open skilled business migration programs.

The South Australian government has issued an updated skilled occupation list for the 2022-23 General Skilled Migration (GSM) program, specifying the skills it expects to fill through overseas talent as well as migrants already residing and working in South Australia.

This is one of the most comprehensive lists in the country for skilled migrants, inclusive of highly talented international graduates who are eligible for state nomination in over 500 occupations.

The number of available occupations for overseas migrants has increased to pre-Covid pandemic levels, with more than 470 occupations available this year, up from 380 in the years 2021- 2022.

Nominations for Skilled Migrants Are Prioritized in the 2022-23 Skilled Migration Program

With expertise in highly popular industries such as Health, Engineering, Education, ICT, Agribusiness, and Trades, or who can contribute to the developing sectors with their skills for industries such as Health and Life Sciences, Hi-Tech / Digital, Defence, Green Energy, Space, and Cyber Security.

Humanitarian migrants on the Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) applying for asylum in South Australia will also benefit from more pliable pathways to permanent residency.

The state’s top priority is to nominate migrants who are currently living and working in South Australia to hold on to those with in-demand skills, as well as to nominate skilled and experienced migrants from other countries to fill the critical skills shortage.

Once a skilled migrant with the required skills and expertise has been nominated by the South Australian Government, they can submit an application to the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs for a visa.

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